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How to Use Google Workspace Split Delivery with Hosting Email

Companies that use Google Workspace can now use a new feature. This feature lets them split the delivery of their email between Gmail and another provider. This is good for several reasons, like helping more emails to get delivered successfully and cutting down on unwanted emails in your inbox. Let’s understand how to use Google Workspace split delivery with hosting email.

How Split Email Delivery Works?

Split Email Delivery means that when you use Google Workspace, emails sent to your business’s email address can be divided between Gmail and another email service. This setup allows you to enjoy Gmail’s dependability while also taking advantage of the unique features of another email provider. Essentially, it directs incoming emails to the right place, whether that’s staying with Gmail or going to a different service based on your preferences.

Steps to use Google Workspace Split Delivery with Hosting Email

To set up split delivery with Google Workspace so that some of your emails go to a hosted email service and others to Gmail, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Google Workspace Admin Console: Start by signing in to your Google Workspace Admin account.
  1. Go to Apps > Google Workspace > Gmail: Navigate through the Admin console to find the Gmail settings.
  1. Access Routing Settings: Look for the “Routing” section under the Gmail settings. This is where you’ll set up the split delivery.
  1. Add a New Routing Rule: Click on “Add another rule” or “Configure” to create a new email routing rule.
  1. Set Up the Rule for Split Delivery:
    • In the “Emails to affect” section, choose “All recipients”.
    • Under “For the above types of emails”, select “Inbound”.
    • In the “Also deliver to” section, select “Add more recipients”.
    • Enter the email or domain of your hosted email service where you want some of the emails to be delivered.
    • Choose the option that suits your needs for message delivery, such as whether to keep a copy of the email in Gmail.
  1. Specify Additional Settings (Optional):
    • You can set up more specific criteria for your routing rule, like only applying the rule to emails that match certain conditions.
    • Adjust spam settings if necessary.
  1. Save Your Routing Rule: After configuring your settings, save the rule to apply the split delivery setup.
  1. Update Your MX Records: If you haven’t already, make sure your domain’s MX (Mail Exchange) records are set up to point to Google Workspace. This ensures Google handles your email first before applying the split delivery rules.
  1. Test Your Setup: It’s important to test the split delivery setup by sending emails to your domain and ensuring they are correctly routed to both Gmail and your hosted email service as intended.


The Split Email Delivery feature in Google Workspace offers significant advantages for both individual users and businesses. Users gain greater control over their email inboxes, allowing for a more customized email management experience. Businesses, on the other hand, can enhance their email deliverability, ensuring that their communications reach a wider audience more effectively. This feature represents a versatile solution for managing email flows, combining the reliability of Gmail with the flexibility of other email providers to meet diverse needs.