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To simplify and streamline the process of managing your web services, Plesk has emerged as the industry’s premier multi-platform control panel. Plesk’s user interface is renowned for its ease of use, and it can be used to administer a wide range of services including email, domains, web files, apps, databases, and FTP access.

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Key Features of Plesk

Plesk is the most popular choice for web hosting providers since it is a cross-platform control panel that makes it easy to administer websites. Through the intuitive Plesk interface, you can control a wide range of features, including email, domains, web files, apps, databases, FTP access, and more.

Easy-to-install SSL certificates

Always use SSL/TLS certificates issued by reputable CAs like Let’s Encrypt and DigiCert to keep your server secure.

File Manager

Work faster than ever with a file manager that allows for simultaneous file uploads and thorough search capabilities.

Backup, transfer & manage files

Your clients can utilise the FTP controls in cPanel to securely back up and move website files, or you can do it all for them.

Immediate Default Security

Safe by design: mod_security and fail2ban v0.10 are turned on instantly.

Easier Plesk Access

If you’re using a cloud service, you should use the Plesk portal. You can reach Plesk over the HTTPS protocol without mentioning TCP port 8443.

Advanced Monitoring

Send out emails or push notifications to the Plesk mobile app when server resources (CPU, RAM, Disk IO) or website uptime reach predetermined thresholds.

Benefits of Plesk

Migrate new customers with ease

Conveniently move your plesk database to another server. Our in-house technical support staff will walk you through the entire migration procedure.

Customize and brand your service

Provide your clientele with access to a branded dashboard. Apply your own brand's colours and fonts to Plesk's powerful features and make them fit in with the way your business operates.

View, analyze, & diagnose server stats

Server Monitor is a powerful tool that will help you see what is happening on your machine. Learn where your resources are going and how to fix any issues that may arise on your network.

Secure your system at various levels

Plesk's in-built security features will keep your servers and your users safe. IP addresses can be added to a blacklist or whitelist. Integrate secure server-wide SSL certificates, Stop sending plaintext emails and other communications, Allow customers to sign up for multi-factor authentication


Best Plesk License Plans to Match All Your Business Needs

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Plesk Admin

( 10 Accounts )

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Plesk WebPro

( 30 Accounts )

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Plesk WebHost

( Unlimited Domains )

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About Lease Packet Data Center

Lease Packet maintains data centres all over the world, available at all hours. Every day, we come up with fresh tools to help people become more self-reliant online. Millions of people across the world can take use of our services since we offer a full suite of tools for both beginners and experts alike. Cloud, edge computing, machine learning, data centre, and virtual/augmented reality are just some of the topics we cover, along with advances in power/cooling technology, processor/server architecture, network/storage design, colocation industry/company stock, and the infrastructure required to support today's hyper-scale data centres.


Low-risk zones for natural Disasters


Server data centers optimally spaced throughout the world


Consistently adding new top tier data center locations to better serve clients

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Where are your data centers located?

We have data server centers located throughout the world. We are also always adding new locations to expand our services that are available to your business.

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