Mailwizz Email Marketing

It only takes a few minutes to set up MailWizz on your hosting account. There are no longer any costs associated with having an email list or receiving messages.


Key Features of mailwizz

MailWizz is a unique self-hosted email marketing software. It has tons of features and is still affordable.

Multi-user functionality

It is possible to make many users and control their access levels. Each user can be placed in one of many predefined groups, each of which can be given a unique set of permissions.

Customer Management

You can make a new customer, put them in a certain group, and then adjust their settings for things like their total email sending credit, their sending rate, the lists they can access, the campaigns they can run, and more.

Multiple Delivery Server Support

Multiple SMTP-based delivery servers can be set up, and standard email delivery providers like Amazon SES and Mailgun can be added. A delivery server can be reserved for a specific customer or assigned to a customer group.

Bounce Configuration

Bounce processing can be tailored to a particular delivery server, and it is included by default in some delivery server types like Amazon SES and Mailgun.

Tracking Domain Name

You can manage the tracking domain name in the same way that you can the transmitting domain name; this allows you to mask the true application URL with something like tracking.yourdomain.tld.

Sending Domain Name

You can set up several sending domain names in Mailwizz for various customers, or your users can do it themselves from their own control panels.

Benefits of mailwizz

Regular updates

MailWizz updates businesses to provide the best user experience. The software prioritises customers and updates frequently to fix errors and improve user experience. The support team is quick and provides smooth customer service.

Fast email delivery

To avoid losing prospects, the app delivers emails quickly. Parallel campaign distribution allows the app to deliver at fast speeds. Users can email thousands of clients in an hour. The app is fast and cheap.

Monitors email

Email box tracking is used by the app. Users can set MailWizz's requirements and responses for specific content. This can save time and resources by automating email campaign responses.

Excellent compatibility

SMTP and other mailing providers like Mandrill, SendGrid, Amazon SES, SparkPost, and MailWizz are compatible. It's popular with businesses because of its customization. It provides the bounce response to servers so users don't have to manually do anything in such instances.


Best Mailwizz Plans to Match All Your Business Needs


Regular license

1 Website

One time fee

6 months free support

Top notch support

Unlimited everything


Extended license

1 Website

One time fee

6 months free support

Unlimited everything

Priority support


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