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Lease Packet provides the world’s most extensive data centre infrastructure and is a global leader in delivering managed server solutions. We are the industry standard for dedicated server solutions, helping companies and institutions of all sizes improve their efficiency and safety. Assuring access to substantial computational resources.

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To be the trusted place where businesses and organisations can safely store and share all of their data while also enjoying the transparency, scalability, security, and adaptability they require to facilitate a successful digital transformation.



Make it possible for clients to have positive interactions with your company by acting as the impetus for new ideas and approaches. Creating a more interconnected global community.



We routinely hold ourselves to extremely rigorous standards. In all we do, we strive for perfection with unrelenting zeal.

Our Work Environment

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Our Expert Team


Anil Vaishnav

Operation Manager

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma



Juhi Soni

Digital Marketer

Vivek Meena- Technical Content Writer

Vivek Meena

Technical Content Writer


Saurabh Vashistha

Business Analyst

Manish Lakhera -SEO Executive

Manish Lakhera

SEO Executive

Bhovesh Barman-SEO Executive

Bhovesh Barman

SEO Executive

Manav Gupta

Manav Gupta

Cloud Engineer


Sonal Kumari

Cloud Engineer


Rajneesh Kumar

Graphic Designer

Rajneesh (1)

Akash Sharma

Content Writer


Ashish Yadav

WordPress Developer


Amit Kumar

SEO Executive


Aishwarya Sharma

SEO Executive


Sachin Sharma

Linux Admin


Nihar Jain

Cloud Engineer


Sourabh Tailor

DevOps Engineer


Aditi Naruka

Cloud Engineer


Mohd Amaan

Cloud Engineer

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Finding a reliable Data centre is essential to the success of any modern company. Businesses in any part of the world can choose from an abundance of resources, so it’s important to find a partner that can cater to your specific requirements. In order to assist our clients succeed in the business world, Lease Packet makes use of its extensive background in all types of server solutions 

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Lease Packet : The Key to All Your
Server Needs!

Rapid server scalability is essential in today’s environment, when
consumers expect instantaneous access to ever-more-complex data.
Creating a standards-based infrastructure that can support a company’s
operations requires careful preparation and implementation. By filling
in knowledge, technology, and resource gaps, Lease Packet Data Center
services allow your firm to expand into new markets and prepare for
the future.

Deploy full server solutions to meet all your needs

Deploy all server solutions that meet your requirements Everything you need to roll out your service internationally is available at Lease Packet. Quick and effortless.

Our server platform empowers you to deploy to AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform seamlessly across the world. Eliminate downtime, reduce dev ops costs and focus on innovation. Create happy customers and sleep well at night.