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Lease packet provides Microsoft Volume Licensing solutions that make managing your software easier and cheaper. Our experts can assist you in choosing the right program for your organization and help you with the licensing process. Microsoft Volume Licensing Solution lets you buy licenses in large quantities at lower prices. It works for servers, computers, and cloud solutions, and there are different plans based on how many users need access to the software. Contact our team to get your Microsoft Volume License Today!


What is Microsoft Volume Licensing?

Microsoft Volume Licensing is a special program designed for businesses and organizations that need a lot of Microsoft software. Instead of buying one license for each computer separately, they can buy many licenses all together. By purchasing in bulk, they save a lot of money because the cost per license is lower. Plus, it makes things simpler. Instead of keeping track of individual licenses for every computer, they can manage all the software licenses at once. It’s a smart way for big businesses to handle their software needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

Small Organizations

Volume License programs are great for small organizations with 5 to 250 computers. These programs make it easier for them to get software licenses. This not only saves money but also helps in managing finances better.

Medium Organizations

For organizations with 250 to 750 computers, get the perfect Microsoft Technology for your growing business. Save money, manage your finances better with easy payment options, and deploy strategies smoothly.

Large Enterprises

Big companies with 750 or more computers benefit from special licensing programs. These programs make things simpler, ensure rules are followed, and make the most out of the money spent on IT systems.

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Why Choose Lease packet for Microsoft Volume Licensing?


Lease Packet is your ideal choice for Microsoft Volume Licensing because we make getting licenses easy and hassle-free. Our team of experts helps you find the perfect licensing program for your organization, taking away the confusion and saving you time. With us, you can navigate the process smoothly and efficiently, ensuring you have the right licenses without any complications. We also offer 24×7 support to all our clients. Our certified experts will instantly resolve any issue that you face and help you understand our products better. With Lease Packet, you get benefits like:

Benefits of Microsoft Volume Licensing

Microsoft Volume License has many benefits. Businesses with Volume Licenses receive support and resources directly from Microsoft. This ensures that they have access to the latest updates, security patches, and technical support, helping them maintain a secure and efficient IT environment.


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