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Key Features of Magento E-commerce Platform

Magento provides practically everything to build a successful e-commerce website.

Catalogue Management

Magento’s catalogue management features are many. Virtual items, unlimited product attributes, editing and deleting product reviews, complete inventory management, rapid product development, dynamic pricing, and social sharing are all supported by this robust platform.

Customer Accounts

Magento offers easy-to-manage user accounts with many features. Customer accounts have a dashboard, order history and status, one or more delivery addresses, billing choices, recent orders, newsletter subscription, and more.

Order management

Magento order management streamlines in-store and online customer experience. It offers flexible, affordable delivery. Order fulfilment handles shipping, organisation, refunds, and status. It has everything an eCommerce firm needs to increase income through order fulfilment.

Analytics & Reporting

Magento’s built-in analytics and reporting suite shows store performance. It lets you set strategies and work according to customer trends. You can integrate it with Google Analytics. Magento dashboard shows site and customer behaviour.

Payment Modes

Magento eCommerce has many payment options. Since different locations have different popular payment systems, your clients can choose from multiple payment ways.


Magento offers many marketing options for eCommerce businesses. It allows you to handle and sort out coupon codes, promotions, etc. Having a well-themed site that can be customised improves customer behaviour.

Benefits of Magento Server

Customization and Control

With a magento server, you have full root access or administrative control over the server. This allows you to customize the server environment according to your needs, install specific software, and configure settings to optimize Magento's performance.

Enhanced Security

Security is paramount for Magento e-commerce platform. A dedicated server offers a higher level of security compared to shared hosting, as you have complete control over the server environment. You can also implement custom security measures.

Performance and Speed

With a dedicated magento server, you have all the server resources exclusively allocated to your Magento store. This means you can optimize the server configuration to maximize performance, resulting in faster page load times and improved overall site speed.

Better Resource Management:

With a dedicated magento server, you have exclusive access to the server resources, enabling better resource management. You can allocate resources based on your specific requirements, ensuring that your store has ample processing power.

High VALUE Plans for MAGENTO E-commerce Platofrm

Best E-commerce Server Plans to Match All Your Business Needs


kick start


1 Core Processor

25GB Storage

1TB Bandwidth

Free Migration

Free SSL


Starter Magento


1 Core Processor

50GB Storage

2TB Bandwidth

Free Migration

Free SSL


Business Magento


2 Core Processor

80 GB Storage

4TB Bandwidth

Free Migration

Free SSL


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Lease Packet is the best server provider globally. Our data centres are located at prime locations around the globe. Our e-commerce server for magento e-commerce platform gives you a fast loading e-commerce website. Magento server offers numerous benefits. It's important to note that it requires technical expertise to set up, configure, and maintain which our expert support team has. Give us a call today to enjoy a faster and much efficient server experience.


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