Docker Solution

Docker cloud computing frees developers from infrastructure management and allows them to concentrate on creating applications. Docker provides a full stack platform with a graphical user interface, command line interface, and application programming interface.


Key Features of Docker Solution

Docker is an open platform for developing, shipping, and running containers on a shared OS

Application isolation

Docker’s containerization features make it possible to run software in a sandbox. Because each container runs independently, Docker can run any programme.

Increase in productivity

By streamlining technical configuration and accelerating application deployment, it helps boost productivity. Not only does it cut down on resources while still allowing apps to run in isolation, but it also provides a secure space in which to do so.


Swarm is a Docker container clustering and scheduling tool. It leverages the Docker API on the front end, which allows us to control it with a variety of tools. It is a self-organising collection of engines that allows for pluggable backends.


Services are a collection of tasks that define the status of a container within a cluster. Each task in the Services section specifies one instance of a container that should be executing, and Swarm distributes it across the nodes.

Security Management

It saves secrets into the swarm and decides which secrets to allow services access to, including a few crucial engine commands like secret inspect, secret create, and so on.

Rapid scaling of Systems

Containers use less computational hardware and accomplish more. They enable data centre managers to fit more workload into less gear, resulting in hardware sharing and lower costs.

Benefits of Docker Solution

Rapid Deployment

It speeds deployment as it can create a container for every process and does not boot an OS. Data can be created and destroyed, therefore even without considering the cost to restore it, it would be unaffordable.

CI Efficiency

Docker lets us generate a container image and use it throughout deployment. It lets you parallelize non-dependent steps. Build-to-production time may also decrease.

Continuous Integration

When it comes to CI, Docker plays a vital role in the pipelines with other tools like Travis, Jenkins, and Wercker.


Docker ensures the security of containerized applications by providing unrestricted control over network traffic and containerized application configuration.


Best Docker Solution Plans to Match All Your Business Needs


Docker Solution

Concurrent builds

Unlimited Hub vulnerability scans

Add users in bulk

Audit logs


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