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    cPanel is a renowned provider of control panel software, with intuitive, dynamic, and user-friendly web-based interfaces. As an authorized cPanel Partner, Lease Packet has full access to licensed API, 24/7 support from a cPanel specialist, and offers a control panel that complements and extends its existing assortment of products and services. As a result, more efficient services with quick problem-solving capabilities are provided.

    cPanel & WHM Services From Authorized cPanel Partner

    Experience the convenience of a user-friendly interface, allowing you to effortlessly manage your website, domains, email, and databases. With our partnership, you’ll receive licensed access to the renowned cPanel software, ensuring a reliable and stable platform for your hosting needs. Seamlessly integrate add-ons and plugins to enhance your hosting experience. 

    User-Friendly Interface

    cPanel provides a user-friendly graphical interface that simplifies the management of web hosting accounts. You will have access to intuitive tools and features, making it easier for them to set up websites, manage files, install applications, configure email accounts, and more.

    Integration with Add-ons and Plugins

    cPanel supports various add-ons and plugins that extend its functionality. This allows you integrate additional services and tools, such as website builders, e-commerce platforms, and security enhancements, to enhance their hosting experience.

    Partner Resources

    As a cPanel partner, we have access to partner-exclusive resources, such as marketing materials, training, and educational content. Our customers will benefit greatly from these resources. These are exclusive to authorized cPanel partners only.

    Build Innovative Platform to Empower Teams With Authorized cPanel Partner

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    Go Live in Minutes

    As a cPanel Partner, our cloud hosting technology eliminates the difficulties of website setup and allows you to go live in minutes.

    Manage like A Pro

    We assist organizations and corporations in developing and managing web apps in a more collaborative and efficient manner.

    Scale to Success

    We guarantee lightning-fast speeds, bulletproof security, and trouble-free scalability for your server.

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    About Lease Packet Data Center

    Lease Packet is the best server provider globally providing all types of managed server solutions. We have all kind cloud and dedicated servers and you can get them configured as per your needs. We have partnered with major industry players to ensure a smooth deployment of cloud services. We're a authorized AWS Cloud Partner, Google partner, Microsoft Partner, cPanel Partner and many more. We are one stop solution to all your cloud service needs. Contact us today if you're looking for a authorized cPanel partner.


    Low-risk zones for natural Disasters


    Server data centers optimally spaced throughout the world


    Consistently adding new top tier data center locations to better serve clients

    Lease Packet Data Center Support Team

    We love to Support.

    Industry’s Fastest Support Response Time

    Our 24×7 Instant Support team is all geared up to resolve all your issues and provide you the required technical support to make your server a success.


    What benefits do I get as a customer of an authorized cPanel partner?

    As a customer of an authorized cPanel partner, you can enjoy numerous benefits, including licensed access to the cPanel software, a user-friendly interface for easy website management, regular software updates, technical support, integration with add-ons and plugins, and a reliable and stable hosting platform.

    Can I upgrade or downgrade my cPanel license through an authorized partner?

    Yes, authorized cPanel partners can typically assist you with upgrading or downgrading your cPanel license based on your changing hosting needs. They can guide you through the process and help you choose the appropriate license level that aligns with your requirements

    Can I migrate my existing websites to cPanel if I'm with an authorized partner?

    Yes, an authorized cPanel partner can assist you with migrating your existing websites from other hosting environments to cPanel. They can provide guidance, tools, and support to ensure a smooth transition of your websites and associated data.