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How to Preview Websites Using Host CX?

Not sure how to preview websites using Host CX? You’ve spent hours trying other approaches? Have you run into any issues by using the preview URL provided by your web host?

These are typical issues encountered by those wanting to put hosting servers through their paces. The question is, why? Here, we explain the rationale behind this and the streamlined approach to taking this action.

Our blog explains why you need nameservers, what they do, and how to use to preview your website.

What is a Nameserver?

The process of transferring a domain to a certain host is made easier by nameservers. Nameservers are the typical means through which web hosts are referred to.

Why do you need to change nameservers?

There are primarily two explanations for changing nameservers:

  1. When we first launch our website and decide that we want to link our domain name to our web hosting provider, we will go through this process.
  2. If we decide to switch web hosting providers and want to direct our domain to the new provider, we will need to redirect our domain.

Why should you preview your website before changing nameservers?

For one of the following reasons, you should preview your website before changing the nameservers.

  • Before you point your domain to a new hosting provider, the most important task is to test your website on the server. You may confirm that the server operates as intended.
  • However, this may not be possible if you do not own a domain or if it is being used to host another website. You want to test your website on the server before moving it.
  • Or do you want to put your new website through its paces before it goes live? Yes, many want to double-check their website’s design and operation before launching it.

What is a preview URL?

If you want to see how your website will appear to visitors, the preview URL is what you need. The preview URL is used to preview the website before it is launched. We conduct this to analyse the website for design flaws and to test its functionality.

The preview/temporary URL allows you to see how the site will look once it is published.

How to preview websites using Host CX?

Hosts CX is a public, free website where you can receive a sample URL for your website. This method is simple and requires only your server’s IP address and your website.

Steps to preview websites using Host CX

1. Open hostscx url :

2. Paste your domain name Or Url & Server address.

3. Then click on the Get my testing Url.

Preview Websites Using Host CX?

4. After that click on the check it button.

Wrapping Up

If you follow these instructions, you will  easily preview websites using Host CX. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you find yourself in a bind. In addition, we have built a number of blogs that are based on tutorials. Check them out NOW!!!