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How to Update Contact Information in cPanel?

Before learning how to Update Contact Information in cPanel, we should understand cPanel a bit and know the need to update contact information in it.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is online software that manages web hosting and has a Linux-based graphical interface (GUI). It is used to simplify the website & server management. It allows you to publish a new website and organize your files and domains.

cPanel is also a very secure control panel as it provides a private account protected by unique passwords for the users.

The need to update the contact information in cPanel is that:

  • The contact manager allows users to specify the server notifications for each communication that has been done.
  • Users can manage or edit the notification settings. They can decide whether they want to receive notifications or not.

Steps to Update Contact Information in cPanel

Here are the steps to Update Contact Information in cPanel:

Step 1:- Log into cPanel
You need to first log in to cPanel with your username and password. New users can register a new account.

Step 2:- Choose Contact Information
Next, find the Contact tab from the search bar. You can also go to the Preference Groups tab to find the Contact Information.

Update Contact Information in cPanel

Step 3:- Update the Contact Email Address
Now click on contact information after updating your email address and scroll down to save the changes.

That is how we can successfully Update Contact Information in cPanel. See, it took just three simple steps to accomplish this. You don’t need special skills for this – it can be done even if you are a beginner.

 Contact Information in cPanel


Updating contact information in cPanel is an important task for website owners to ensure that they receive important notifications from their web hosting provider. By following the steps outlined in this blog, you can easily update contact information in cPanel.


Q1. Can I use cPanel to transfer my website to a new host?

Yes, cPanel provides tools that allow you to back up your website and transfer it to a new host. You can use the Backup Wizard to create a full backup of your website, including files, databases, and email accounts. You can then use the Restore Wizard on your new host to transfer your website.

Q2. Can I customize the cPanel interface?

Yes, cPanel allows users to customize the interface by adding or removing icons and rearranging the layout of the control panel. Users can also create custom branding, such as logos and color schemes, to make cPanel match their website’s branding. However, some hosting providers may limit the level of customization that users can perform on cPanel.

Q3. Can I use cPanel on a VPS or dedicated server?

Yes, cPanel can be installed on a virtual private server (VPS) or Dedicated Server, provided that the server meets the system requirements for cPanel. However, you will need to purchase a cPanel license to use it on your server, and the cost of the license will depend on the number of accounts you want to host on the server. Some hosting providers may offer cPanel as a pre-installed option on their VPS or Dedicated Server plans.