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How to Set Signatures in Webmail?

Emails with signatures look more polished and formal. This blog will tell you how to Set Signatures in Webmail. If you want to use another email client, such Outlook or your phone, your signature will need to be added there. 

Branding includes an email signature. A signature at the bottom of your emails serves as a digital business card. You can showcase your work and get feedback from the receiver. You can use anything from plain text to elaborate images as your Signature. A well-crafted email signature does more than just add a touch of professionalism; it also helps to reinforce your brand’s identity and make you more remembered to your audience. When designing a signature, it’s important to keep in mind a few key guidelines, such as,

  • Avoid cramming a lot of information into your signature. Maintain brevity and precision.
  • Each person has a unique reason for signing their name. Make sure your signature does what you want it to.
  • Pictures have a far-reaching impact. You can use pictures and logos if you like.
  • You can advertise yourself with your signature. Always use a signature that reflects your company’s image.

Steps to Set Signatures in Webmail

Here are the detailed steps to set signature in Webmail:

1. Login to your Webmail. Then click on Open.

Set Signatures in Webmail

2. Click on the Settings icon.

Set Signatures Webmail

3. Then click on the Identities After that click on your email address.
4. Go to Signature Box and click on it, Now you type your signature or upload an image & you can also update your signature link.
5. Then click on the Save button.

Set Webmail


With an email signature, your emails will start looking professional and will help you leave a lasting impression. You can Set Signatures in Webmail by following the simple steps mentioned in the blogs. You can always contact us if you have any issues or queries.


When sending an email, how can I add a graphic signature?

A graphic signature can be designed using Canva or other design software. Next, incorporate this graphic into your email signature.

Why is it important to have a formal email signature?

Name, title, firm name, address, phone number, and website.

How can I make an animated.gif for my email signature?

Add interactive features like a call-to-action button, embedded video, or a promotional link to your portfolio, blog, or website.

How can I include a photograph in my email signature to promote my professional reputation?

Having a picture of you that looks professional will give your job more legitimacy and make you feel more responsible. It can help your message jump out at the recipients in their inboxes.

How email signatures create brand recognition?

Making sure everyone on your team uses the same email signature helps build brand recognition among the people they communicate with.

How can email signatures generate referrals?

The great exposure of the email signature touchpoint can be leveraged with the help of professionally branded email signatures. Targeted email’s wealth of information makes it easy to drum up more recommendations without breaking off the engagement.