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How to Install Node JS in Plesk?

This blog is drafted to make it easy for you to install Node JS in Plesk. Node.js is a widely-used JavaScript runtime that is powered by the same V8 engine that powers Chrome. The Plesk control panel or SSH makes it possible to install Node.js and run your JavaScript apps in a matter of minutes. 

Before we begin with the steps to install Node JS in Plesk, let’s learn a bit more about Node.JS.

What is Node.JS?

Node.js is a free and open-source server-side and network application framework that runs in a single thread across multiple platforms. Efficiency and suitability for real-time applications are achieved by the usage of the V8 JavaScript runtime engine and its event-driven, non-blocking I/O architecture.

Features Of Node.js

Node.js has grown quickly in the last few years. This is thanks to the vast list of features it provides:

  • Easy: Learning Node.js is a breeze. It’s the recommended starting point for novice web developers. The vast community and abundance of tutorials make learning the basics a breeze.
  • Scalable: It allows for enormous scalability in software. As a single-threaded programme, Node.js can process a large number of connections at once while maintaining a high throughput.
  • Speed: Node.js’s performance and efficiency are greatly improved by the use of non-blocking thread execution.
  • Packages: There is a wide variety of open-source Node.js packages that can make your life easier. These days, the number of packages available through NPM is well over a million.
  • Strong backend: Node.js is written in C and C++, making it fast and adding capabilities such as networking support.
  • Multi-platform: Node.js’s cross-platform nature makes it a great choice for developing SaaS sites, desktop applications, and mobile apps.
  • Maintainable: It’s simple for programmers to settle on Node.js because a single language, JavaScript, can be used to control both the front and back ends.

Steps to Install Node JS in Plesk

1. First of all, we need to login into the Plesk panel.

2. Now click on the tools & settings. After that click on the updates in the Plesk section.

Install Node JS in Plesk

3. Now click on Add/Remove Components.

Node JS in Plesk

4. Now Install NodeJS Support in the Web hosting section, After that click on the Continue button.

Node JS in Support

5. Successfully installed NodeJS.


Following these steps will help you in making the process to install Node JS in Plesk easy for you. If you’re still left with some doubts, feel free to Contact us We have written more such detailed blogs on various topics.