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How to Install Magento Manually in cPanel?

In this blog, you will learn the steps to install Magento manually in cPanel. We have tried simplifying the process so that you can easily Install Magento Manually in cPanel. 

Making money through electronic commerce is just one option for monetizing your website. If you have a reliable solution pre-installed on your web hosting, though, the process will be considerably less complicated. Magento is one such system that provides access to many useful features. In this guide, we will demonstrate how to install Magento manually in cPanel.

You can immediately begin making sales with this method so long as you have access to a web hosting service. Although some may be put off by the thought of it, setting up this programmer is straightforward. Take a look at the procedure that must be followed to do this. It won’t take long at all, but you should plan ahead of time as installing Magento manually is trickier than using the one-click installer.

Steps to Install Magento Manually in cPanel

1. Paste this URL into your browser for Magento download.

2. Click on the Download button.

Install Magento Manually in cPanel

3. Then create an account. After creating your account verify your email & go back to the Magento main page & click again on the Download button.

4. Now save your Magento zip file on your local pc.

5. Now login to your cPanel & click on the File Manager.

6. Open the public_html folder & upload the Magento zip file.

7. When uploading successfully then go back & click on the Reload button.

8. Extract the uploaded Magento zip file & delete it permanently.


To Install Magento Manually in cPanel , you can follow these steps. Its not overly difficult.   The software programmer essentially handles most of the work. In a matter of minutes, you can have everything unpacked and running once you’ve set up Magento’s database. 

Keep in mind that the Softaculous one-click installer can also be used to set up Magento with a single click. 

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How Can I Install Magento 2.4 in cPanel?

Access your cPanel account. Navigate to the Softaculous installer, search for Magento, and then click on it. Select the Install Now option. Fill in all of the details, such as the Magento version and admin path.

How to Install Magento Modules?

You can install the module using Composer by logging onto your Magento server as the owner of the file system and going to the Magento root folder. Please use the public key as the username and the private key as the password when requested to enter access keys. You must hold off until Composer finishes updating the Magento project’s dependencies.