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How to Install Interspire in Plesk?

If you want to know how to install Interspire in Plesk, you are on the right page.

Plesk simplifies the management of a wide variety of aspects related to your web hosting. The tool offers the features that are standard for any control panel, in addition to some additional customization options. Within the control panel, you have the ability to add files to your website and organise those files. Your existing domains can be managed, and you can add new domains and subdomains to your account as needed. With Interspire installed in Plesk, it will aid in your email marketing campaigns.

You will learn how to install Interspire in Plesk by following the steps in this guide. The primary concern is the installation of Interspire, as well as making the procedure simple and clear to you as the user.

What is Interspire?

The email marketing software known as Interspire is an all-in-one solution that provides its users with everything they require to create, send, track, and profit from email marketing. In addition to that, it incorporates straightforward email marketing automation tools for the purpose of following up on marketing and customer feedback.

Steps to Install Interspire in Plesk

Before we begin, please make sure you have the php 5.6 in Plesk.

  1. Sign in to the Plesk interface.
  1. Choose the domain where you wish to install Interspire, and then navigate to its file manager.
  1. Upload an interspire zip file to the HTTP docs directory.
  1. Now extract the archive and delete the interspire archive.
  1. Transfer all files in the interspire folder to the HTTP docs folder.
  1. Now create a database and grant the user permission.
  1. Then execute the URL https://domain name
  1. Now complete the database information and click the Next button.
  1. Now register for interspire with an email address and password, then click the Next button.
  1. Installation is finished. You can now log in to interspire via the URL https://domain name.

Cron for Interspire :

php -f /var/www/vhosts/domainname/interspire.domainname/admin/cron/cron.php

Replace by

* * * * /opt/plesk/php/5.6/bin/php -q /var/www/vhosts/domainname/interspire.domainname/admin/cron/cron.php


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