Verified Mark Certificate (VMC)

A Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) is similar to a digital ID for emails. It lets people know that an email really came from your company. Just like how a badge or a sticker on a storefront tells you it’s an official shop, a VMC puts your company’s logo next to your email in your inbox. This helps recipient trust that the email is safe and not a fake one trying to trick them.


Display your company logo in your email recipients’ inboxes + help fight email scammers

Using a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) to display your company logo in your email recipients’ inboxes is a powerful way to establish trust and brand recognition. When your logo appears next to your email, it immediately signals to recipients that the message is legitimate and actually from your company. This visual verification helps differentiate your emails from those sent by scammers who often try to imitate reputable companies to deceive people.

Here are 3 Unique VMC Benefits

Verified Mark Certificate (VMC)


21% increase in open rates

positively impacts both transaction and promotional emails.


18% increase in brand recall

after a five-second exposure - and the stronger the brand, the higher the recall increase.


34% increase in purchase

likelihood indicating a better ROI.

Top 5 Benefits Of VMCs for IT Professionals

Boost Email Security

VMCs help in significantly reducing the risk of phishing attacks by authenticating emails. When recipients see the verified company logo next to an email, they can be confident it's not a scam, which helps in protecting sensitive information.

Restricts Spammers

VMCs make it harder for spammers to succeed because when your real emails are clearly marked with your company's official logo, it's easier for people to tell them apart from fake, scam emails. This helps cut down on the effectiveness of spam and phishing attempts, making your email communication safer for everyone.

Increase Email Engagement

Emails verified with VMCs are more likely to be opened and interacted with. Recipients feel safer engaging with these emails, leading to improved effectiveness of email campaigns and communications.

Simplify Email Authentication

For IT professionals, managing email authentication and security can be complex. VMCs offer a straightforward way to visually verify emails, complementing technical email authentication methods like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC without replacing them, thus adding an extra layer of security and trust.

Enhance Brand Trust

By displaying the organization's registered trademark logo in emails, VMCs foster trust and credibility among email recipients. This visual confirmation reassures users that they're dealing with official communications, thereby strengthening the brand's reputation.

Which one do you prefer?

Email without VMC


Email with VMC enabled


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    Why integrate VMC with SSL and DMARC?

    Enhanced Email Trustworthiness

    • VMC adds a visible trust mark in the recipient’s inbox, immediately signaling that the email is legitimate.
    • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypts data transmitted between the user’s browser and your website, showcasing a secure connection symbolized by the padlock icon in the browser.
    • DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) ensures that emails are authenticated against SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) standards, reducing the risk of email spoofing.

    Improved Brand Recognition and Consistency

    • VMC ensures your registered trademark logo is prominently displayed, reinforcing brand recognition with every email.
    • SSL certificates can also be branded for organizational validation (OV) and extended validation (EV) certificates, further enhancing trust in your website.
    • DMARC reports allow you to monitor and control the use of your domain in email communications, protecting your brand’s integrity.

    Higher Email Engagement Rates

    • Emails verified with VMC are more likely to be opened as recipients recognize and trust the sender’s brand.
    • A SSL-secured website linked from your emails assures visitors of their data’s safety, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion.
    • DMARC’s authentication process reduces the chance of your emails being marked as spam, ensuring they reach the inbox and not the spam folder.

    Strengthened Email and Web Security

    • VMC works as a visual deterrent against phishing attempts by authenticating your brand’s identity.
    • SSL certificates encrypt data transferred between your website and its visitors, safeguarding personal information from interception.
    • DMARC prevents unauthorized use of your domain in email spoofing, protecting your recipients from potential phishing attacks.


    What is a VMC certificate file?

    A VMC (Verified Mark Certificate) certificate file is a digital certificate used to authenticate the logo or brand mark of an organization in email communications. It enables the display of verified company logos next to the sender’s name in the inbox, enhancing brand recognition and trust among email recipients.

    How much does a VMC certificate cost?

    The cost of a VMC certificate can vary significantly depending on the issuing authority and the level of verification required. Prices can range from several hundred to a few thousand dollars annually. It’s important to check with specific Certificate Authorities (CAs) for accurate pricing. If you want a VMC at low price, you can contact our team and get a VMC at best price

    What is VMC in email?

    In email, VMC refers to the use of Verified Mark Certificates to display authenticated logos of brands or organizations next to the sender’s name in the recipient’s email client. This feature aims to increase trust, reduce phishing attacks, and improve the overall email experience by allowing recipients to quickly identify legitimate emails.

    What is VMC domain?

    The term “VMC domain” might refer to the domain name for which a Verified Mark Certificate is issued. The VMC is linked to a specific domain (or domains) that has been validated by the Certificate Authority, ensuring that the organization owning the domain is the same one associated with the verified logo.

    What is the function of VMC?

    The primary function of a VMC is to authenticate and verify the logos used in email communications by organizations. This helps in building trust with recipients, reducing the likelihood of email fraud, and enhancing brand visibility in the inbox.

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