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Looking for the perfect Satisfactory server at low price? Lease Packet has got you covered. Best deals on Satisfactory game server that you won’t find anywhere else. Get started with automation, exploration, and creativity with your very own server. Whether you’re a solo adventurer or a team player, our servers offer seamless gameplay, low latency, and unbeatable performance. Experience the game the way it’s meant to be played, all at a price that fits your budget. Contact us to get started.

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High Performance satisfactory Game Servers

When it comes to gaming, performance is key, and we understand that. Our Satisfactory game server is engineered for high performance, ensuring you get the best gaming experience possible. Say goodbye to lags and delays – our servers offer lightning-fast response times and smooth gameplay, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the Satisfactory universe. Whether you’re delving into complex factory setups or exploring the vast unknown, our high-performance satisfactory server provides the stable environment you need. Level up your gaming with our reliable and powerful Satisfactory game servers. With Lease Packet you get:


Satisfactory Game Server



or $0.0222 hourly


Satisfactory Game Server



or $0.0666 hourly


Satisfactory Game Server



or $0.1319 hourly

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Satisfactory Game Server for your gaming experience

Instant Deployment

We deploy Rust Server instantly. Our user-friendly control panel allows for the immediate setup of Rust game servers, guaranteeing a seamless and effortless gaming experience for players.

Low Latency

Our high-speed network offers gamers a seamless and highly responsive online gaming environment, reducing lag and guaranteeing an optimal gameplay experience.

DDoS Protection

We collaborate with Global Secure Layer to provide strong DDoS protection, shielding game servers from harmful attacks and guaranteeing uninterrupted gameplay for our clients.

Latest Hardware

Our server hardware incorporates state-of-the-art technology, delivering exceptional performance and reliability for an immersive gaming experience, even with the latest game releases.

Data Protection

Through a resilient server redundancy system and dependable backups, we guarantee top-tier data protection, minimizing the possibility of data loss and maximizing game server availability for uninterrupted gameplay.

Always Up-To-Date

Our commitment to ongoing updates and the integration of cutting-edge technology into all our systems guarantees peak performance, security, and compatibility. This provides our customers with the confidence that their game servers will remain operational and up-to-date with every software upgrade.

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Making Sure Your Satisfactory Server is Always Online!

We understand that a game is only as good as its availability. That’s why we guarantee your Satisfactory server is always online and ready for action! We take pride in our exceptional uptime record, ensuring you and your friends can jump into the game whenever you want, day or night. No more waiting around or frustrating downtime – our commitment is to keep your Satisfactory server running smoothly, providing you with uninterrupted gaming adventures. With us, you can focus on building, exploring, and conquering in the Satisfactory world, knowing your server is in safe hands.

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About Lease Packet Data Center

Lease Packet operates data centers throughout the world that are accessible at all times. Every day, we create new solutions to assist people in becoming more self-sufficient online. Millions of individuals all over the world can benefit from our services because we provide a comprehensive set of tools for both beginners and specialists. Satisfactory server from Lease Packet is your companion in seamless gaming. Our Low latency server will deliver the best performance and is most reliable. Our experts will deploy your best satisfactory server instantly.


Low-risk zones for natural Disasters


Server data centers optimally spaced throughout the world


Consistently adding new top tier data center locations to better serve clients

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We’ll Migrate Your App to Lease Packet at no additional cost.

Lease Packet provides free server migration for eligible business workloads. You deserve superior price-performance, no lock-in, and no-handoff customer support. We are committed to providing the highest quality services to each and every one of our clients.


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Our 24×7 Instant Support team is all geared up to resolve all your issues and provide you the required technical support to make your server a success.