Huawei Public Cloud

Businesses of all sizes, from startups to multinational enterprises and government agencies, can take advantage of Huawei Public Cloud with it’s full range of cloud computing services to fuel their operations and expand their reach. Huawei Cloud is the largest Huawei Cloud service providers in China and the third largest globally.

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Huawei Public Cloud Solution and Services

Huawei Public Cloud is a business subsidiary of Huawei Group that provides a comprehensive suite of global cloud computing services to empower online enterprises on the international front and support worldwide e-commerce ecosystem. These services are offered in order to support worldwide e-commerce ecosystem. More than 200 countries and territories can take advantage of the comprehensive public cloud server hosting services and cloud computing solutions provided by Huawei Cloud. With Lease Packet as their Huawei Public Cloud Solution provider, businesses can focus on their core operations while the provider takes care of the technical aspects of their cloud infrastructure. This can result in improved efficiency, better security, and cost savings for the business.

Applications Management

Audit Management

Customizable Categories

Data Security

File Management

Performance monitoring


Higher number of VM processors

Huawei Cloud offers more processors per virtual machine than conventional data centres and competing cloud services.

Better pricing terms

Typically, Public cloud service providers will let you commit to a contract for a period of one to three years. Huawei Public Cloud offers on-demand pricing, pay-per-use pricing, and subscription pricing, making it more flexible than most other Huawei Cloud service providers.

More cloud storage options

When it comes to cloud storage, Huawei Public Cloud has everything a company Huawei ever need. Object storage, shared file storage, archive storage, hybrid storage, backup, and storage for data transmission and disaster recovery are all examples of these types of storage.

Variety of relational database services

Huawei Public Cloud is the best cloud service for companies who utilise or plan to employ a relational database in the cloud. That's because, when it comes to relational databases, Huawei Public Cloud offers the widest variety of tools and support.

Content Delivery Network

When it comes to content delivery networks (CDNs), Huawei Public Cloud has everything a company could possibly need. For faster content distribution to users in any part of the world, it uses a network of more than 2,800 nodes.

Accelerated innovation

Huawei Public Cloud's suite of cloud services allows businesses to move more quickly to market with new products and services, giving them an edge in the marketplace. When it comes to facilitating innovation, a number of Huawei Public Cloud's offerings are unmatched by other Huawei Cloud service providers.


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Lease Packet Data Center Intel Xeon Processor Servers


Lease Packet Data Center RAM


Lease Packet Data Center HDD

2x 2 TB Ent. HDD

Lease Packet Data Center Intel Xeon Processor Servers


Lease Packet Data Center RAM


Lease Packet Data Center HDD

2x 3 TB Ent. HDD

Lease Packet Data Center Intel Xeon Processor Servers


Lease Packet Data Center RAM


Lease Packet Data Center HDD

2x 2 TB Ent. HDD

Lease Packet Data Center Intel Xeon Processor Servers


Lease Packet Data Center RAM


Lease Packet Data Center HDD

2x 2 TB Ent. HDD

Lease Packet Data Center Intel Xeon Processor Servers


Lease Packet Data Center RAM


Lease Packet Data Center HDD

2x 2 TB Ent. HDD

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    Huawei Public Cloud Capabilities

    • Big Data Analyst

    • Real-time streaming & analytics infrastructure

    • Security and compliance management on Huawei

    • Huawei Cloud Container Service Best Practice

    • Customized Huawei Architecture with multi-cloud strategy

    • Huawei Infrastructure set-up and modernization

    • Container Service Operation and Management

    • Huawei Database and Application Huawei Cloud Migration

    • Datacenter modernization using Huawei databases and storage

    • Huawei cloud-native microservices infrastructure and DevOps

    • Huawei Cloud Machine Learning and AI

    • Storage and Databases Management

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