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How to Secure WHM?

Step 1

To begin, scroll down slightly to the Security category of the menu Or you can search & click on the security center.

How to Secure WHM

Step 2

The first page in the Security Center allows you to change the minimum required password strength for each area of cPanel and WHM that accepts a password.

Step 3

By default, WHM & cPanel don’t enforce a minimum password strength. Enabling this can help prevent users from setting easy-to-guess passwords, depending on the settings you specify.

Then click the checkmark here to enable this feature. Now, drag the slider over to the desired setting Or type a number at the right.

Secure WHM

Step 4

The majority of your clients are going to store their MySQL passwords in configuration files & not use them frequently. We’ll customize the settings for that type of password.

Click the checkmark to stop it from inheriting the default value. Then, choose a new minimum strength & Click on Save.


Step 5

Return to the Security Center & Another important security feature of WHM is cPHulk Brute Force Protection. This feature helps prevent malicious forces from repeatedly guessing your passwords until successful. Click the Enable button to fix that.

WHM Secure