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How to Install Joomla Manually in cPanel?

How to install Joomla manually in cPanel is a frequently asked question by new Joomla users. Though it is very simple to install, it can be a nightmare for beginners who do not know the proper procedures. As a result, we’ve created a detailed guide on Joomla installation that covers all steps in detail. 

But before jumping to the steps to install Joomla manually in cPanel, let’s learn a bit more about Joomla and its benefits.

What is Joomla?

With Joomla, creating a beautiful website is a breeze. Joomla can be used to create any kind of website, from professional profiles to personal diaries. A reliable structure is in place. Additionally, this reliable platform allows for varied adjustments to the site’s visual style.

Because of the dedication of its supporters, Joomla has evolved to become even more intuitive and user-friendly over the years. It’s only when you begin using Joomla on a regular basis that you’ll begin to notice how frequently bug fixes and new features are introduced.

Benefits of Joomla

Now that you know what Joomla is, it’s time to learn about its benefits.

  • Optimal for online communities and e-commerce websites

As such, it is the primary reason why so many people have put their faith in this service. All social networking sites have been supported by Joomla. This also works for people who run online shops. This might be the best option for creating an online storefront. Site configuration is simple. If you lack technical knowledge it is recommended that you work with a professional web developer and designer who is well-versed in the Joomla platform.

  • Features that can be adjusted to fit your site’s needs perfectly.

It’s simple to use and allows you to make any size or type of website you can imagine. Joomla has a lot of “skin” options. This web design platform is favoured by many developers. Design your blog or online magazine with the same ease as creating an online store. With this system, you are not limited to tens of pages for your online shop.

  • Posses a wide range of possible applications

Desire some degree of adaptability? Have no fear! You’re safe and sound. In order to create your own website, you will need to know the fundamentals of HTML. Not to worry, as advanced HTML knowledge is not required. The high degree of adaptability is a direct result of its user-friendliness. Utilizing this web content management system and web hosting solution makes website maintenance a breeze. The money you plan to put in is well spent.

  • Contains high-quality, functional add-ons

To improve your site’s speed and effectiveness for search engine rankings, you will, of course, employ a wide variety of plug-ins. Even though WordPress has a wide variety of add-ons, Joomla has plenty of its own. Additional functionality is provided by add-ons culled from online open-source user groups.

  • A comprehensive customer service system is included.

Since it is freely available to the public, every hiccup is usually just a temporary hiccup. Why? The Joomla community is there to help you if you get stuck. For example, if you’re having trouble with one of the available plugins but would like some assistance, you can easily reach out for it. In addition, you can find do-it-yourself tutorials online to help you fix just about anything.

Steps to Install Joomla Manually in cPanel

1. Download Joomla Zip File in your local system from

2. Login to your cPanel.

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3. Upload this Joomla Zip File to your public_html in cPanel’s File manager.

4. Extract this zip file then delete it permanently.

5. Now go to

6. Create an account on Joomla & click on Next.

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7. Update your Database details carefully then click on the Next button.

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8. If you are sure that all details are correct then click on the Install button.

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The creation of any kind of website, from professional profiles to personal diaries, can be accomplished through the use of Joomla. You won’t become aware of how frequently bug fixes and new features are added to Joomla until you start using it on a consistent basis. Only then will you start to notice how often changes are made. You will have no trouble using Joomla if you follow the instructions in this step-by-step guide on how to install Joomla manually in cPanel. You can always contact us if you have any questions, and a member of our support staff will assist you. For more such detailed guides, visit our blog


Q1. What is the purpose of Joomla?

To put it simply, Joomla is a free and open-source CMS for making websites. It employs object-oriented programming techniques and is written in PHP, with a MySQL database used for storage.

Q2. How long does it take to install Joomla manually in cPanel?

To install Joomla manually in cPanel, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes.