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How to Give Mysql Remote Permission in WHM?

Welcome to the “How to provide MySQL remote permission in WHM?” blog. If you’re a web developer or server administrator, you’ve probably encountered instances where you needed to grant remote access to MySQL databases for a variety of reasons, such as accessing the database from another server or allowing a third-party application to connect to the database.

MySQL databases for your server can be managed with cPanel’s Web Host Manager (WHM). MySQL databases can only be viewed locally by default, but you may need to grant remote access to a specific IP address or range of IP addresses on occasion.

This blog will walk you through the procedures necessary to provide remote access to a MySQL database in WHM, allowing you to connect to the database from a remote location using MySQL client software such as MySQL Workbench or phpMyAdmin. 

What is MySQL?

MySQL is a database administration system. It could be anything from a basic grocery list to a photo gallery or the massive volumes of data in a business network. A database management system, such as MySQL Serve, is required to add, access, and process data contained in a computer database.

What is WHM

WHM, which stands for “WebHost Manager,” is a control and administrative tool that gives the user the ability to handle the back-end of many cPanel accounts. WHM gives you the ability to control individual accounts in addition to setting limits that are server-side.

For that first you have to login into the WHM interface and start your work from there:

Steps to give MySQL Remote permission in WHM?

You need to follow the steps listed below to give MySQL remote permission in WHM:

1. Login into WHM & in the left side navigation bar search for “SQL”.


2. Click on the “Additional MySQL Access Hosts” option under SQL services.

3. Now you can see a text box in which you have to enter the IP address of one or more hosts. Entered IP address gives remote access to the MySQL database connection.

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Note: if you need to give remote access to all the users then you can click on the “click here”

4. Click on the SAVE button.

5. Now the remote MySQL connection has been activated for all users in WHM.


Providing MySQL remote permission in WHM can be a handy function for web developers and server admins. Allowing remote access allows you to maintain your database from anywhere, allowing for better collaboration and flexibility.

In this article, we reviewed the processes required to enable MySQL remote permission in WHM, which included configuring remote MySQL access and creating a new user with remote access capabilities.

It is crucial to note that giving MySQL remote permission in WHM can potentially constitute a security risk, and you should only grant remote access to trustworthy IP addresses and individuals. Furthermore, when accessing the database remotely, it is suggested to employ secure authentication techniques such as SSL encryption.

We hope this essay has helped you understand how to give MySQL remote permission in WHM. Please contact us if you have any queries or feedback.