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How to Change the Password in cPanel?

Forgot the cPanel password? Don’t worry, in this blog, we will tell you how to change the password in cPanel. It’s just a matter of three easy steps. But before that lets learn a bit more about passwords and cPanel.

What is a Password?

Password – this one word is so powerful that everything, literally everything, depends on it. One cannot imagine the internet without passwords. Passwords not only protect accounts but also give a sense of ownership. And therefore, it is severely essential to take care of them and update them from time to time.

What is cPanel

cPanel is a web hosting control panel. cPanel’s Linux-oriented Graphical Interface (GUI) helps the users control & manage their servers & sites. cPanel publishes websites, manages domains, organizes web files, creates email accounts, and many more.

Obviously, cPanel is an important platform. So, its security has to be that way too, i.e., highly secure. And to keep an account safe, one should keep updating the account’s password from time to time. Let’s know how to update the cPanel password.

How to Change the Password in cPanel?

It will take you three steps to change the password in cPanel. These steps are as follows:

Step 1: Log into cPanel

Log into your cPanel account using your user ID and password.

Step 2: Go to Security

Now, go to the Preferences tab & click open Password & Security.

Step 3: Go to Change Password

Once you are on the Change Password page – you will be asked to fill up the following:

  1. Old Password
  2. New Password, and
  3. Confirm Password.

Enter these and click on the Change your password now button. 

And it’s done. You have successfully changed the password in cPAnel.


Whether you forgot your password or want to reset it to keep your cPanel secure, the process to change the password in cPanel is very simple. Just follow these simple steps. 

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Is it Necessary to Change the Password in CPanel?

It is not necessary to change the password in cPanel but it is recommended to change at regular intervals.

Is it Possible to Hack cPanel?

Hackers use brute-force attacks to try thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of username and password combinations to log into your cPanel.

Why is my cPanel login not working?

If your username and password are not being accepted while signing into cPanel, it could be due to one of the following problems: Check that you are using the right cPanel URL. Make sure your username is all lower case, and your password is case-sensitive. You are entering the incorrect password.

Is it Possible to Have Several Logins for CPanel?

Because there is only one cPanel user per account, you cannot have several cPanel users on the same account. But, you can offer access to a specific region of the account without disclosing the cPanel username and password.