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We provide you full control of your Gaming VPS server with a guaranteed uptime of 99.99% with no limits on bandwidth consumption. Gaming VPS servers open up opportunities to play games with friends or create a public server for your community. Benefit from game VPS servers and get maximum performance and flexibility at the lowest possible price. Choose from Linux or Windows VPS servers with full root access, excellent uptime, fast NVMe servers, and minimal latency.

Lease Packet Gaming VPS

Powerful VPS Server for your gaming experience

Full SSH Access

All Linux Server plans include full root access with an SSH port. All software and hosting control panels can be installed on it depending on the plan you choose. We always recommend using the latest, most stable version of Linux Distributions.

Windows Remote Desktop

We provide full administrator remote desktop (RDP) access with the possibility to install your own software. Our recommended operating systems are Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016 R2 and 2019.

Web Based Control Panel

During the order process, you will be provided with a choice of the control panel you desire. However, if it is not present in the list, with the help of root access to the server, you have the ability to install the control panel of your choice.

Instant Setup

We have setups for each game we offer ready to replicate which have been pre-tested to ensure you get started as quickly as possible. As soon as you place and order and the payment has been confirmed our automated system will have you game server up within a few seconds. Which means you will be able to access your game within minutes of set-up and can play on your server 24/7.

SSD Storage

All our servers use the latest SSD ‘s in order to improve your gaming experience. By using SSD rather then HDD we can guarantee top performance on any of the games we host on our high spec servers from around the globe. SSD gives us the edge in performance, speed and reliability, giving our users piece of mind. Your game will never be short for storage space.

Fast & Friendly Support

We offer free customer support and a contact us page which will send your queries straight to our dedicated support team. We also included a FAQ on all our games in order to help answer you questions quickly and effectively. Our team consists of IT professionals specialized in computer software and hardware. No matter the time, our team is ready to help with your issues.


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Power Your Games With Latency-Free Gaming VPS

Game servers are specialized VPS or dedicated servers that enable gamers to host dedicated game servers for that particulate game on the hosting provider. A dedicated or virtual private server is a great pick to create a dedicated server.
We provide options so you can completely control how you want to set up and customize your game server. Right out of the box, all our VPS offer root access. Also, to help kick-start your game server, we offer Linux and Windows pre-configured templates that let you do the instant setup. These operating systems include Ubuntu, Debian, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022, Arch Linux, OpenSuse OS, Rocky Linux, Oracle Linux, Alpine Linux, and many more.

Power Your Games With Latency Free Gaming VPS with Lease packet

Game VPS — Worldwide Gaming Solution

Worldwide Gaming VPS Solution with Lease packet

Online games like Minecraft and Fortnite allow you to host your own game server. Hosting a game server is a great solution for having a private game with only your favorite team players, or a public game with the opportunity to meet new gamers in other locations. Lease Packet Game VPS is a great solution for hosting game servers in locations worldwide. Enjoy a smooth, fast-performing, and lag-free online game with our gaming VPS!

A game server has to be powerful with minimum latency to prevent lags in the game. That’s why Lease packet Game VPS is equipped with NVMe SSD storage and DDR4 RAM devices that ensure a high-performing VPS and fast data transfer. 

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About Lease Packet Data Center

Lease Packet operates data centers throughout the world that are accessible at all times. Every day, we create new solutions to assist people in becoming more self-sufficient online. Millions of individuals all over the world can benefit from our services because we provide a comprehensive set of tools for both beginners and specialists. our Tally on cloud services. Our tally on cloud price are the lowest. Our plans are designed to offer maximum value to our clients. Our plans comes bundled with 24x7 support from certified experts.


Low-risk zones for natural Disasters


Server data centers optimally spaced throughout the world


Consistently adding new top tier data center locations to better serve clients

Server Migration Support with Tally

We’ll Migrate Your App to Lease Packet at no additional cost.

Lease Packet provides free server migration for eligible business workloads. You deserve superior price-performance, no lock-in, and no-handoff customer support. We are committed to providing the highest quality services to each and every one of our clients.

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Our 24×7 Instant Support team is all geared up to resolve all your issues and provide you the required technical support to make your server a success.