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Fully automated backup and recovery solutions powered by Acronis, you can protect your business and your customers’ data against potential cyber attacks, malware, ransomware protection, natural disasters or accidental errors. Our solution is designed to be secure, cloud-based, and highly scalable to meet your changing needs. Acronis Backup is designed to integrate easily with your existing systems such as Cpanel/Plesk, reducing the need for additional investment in hardware or personnel and is compatible with Microsoft Office 365 email, contacts, calendars, and attachments. The ultimate is security.

Lease Packet Acronis Cloud Backup

Acronis Backups – Simple, streamlined, and secure
Backups for any workload.

Acronis Cloud Backup is a comprehensive and powerful solution for data protection and disaster recovery. Its versatile capabilities, user-friendly interface, advanced security measures, and hybrid cloud deployment options make it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals seeking reliable and efficient backup solutions. With Acronis Cloud Backup, data is safe, accessible and recoverable, ensuring peace of mind and enabling uninterrupted business continuity in the event of potential data loss or system failures. Acronis Backup is easy to use. The solution is designed to be simple and straightforward, making it easy for businesses of all sizes to get started. With an intuitive user interface and extensive reporting features, you can easily monitor the status of your backups and ensure that your data is being protected as it should be.

Disk-Imaging Backup

Secure your business of any size with complete and reliable backup images of your entire system, files, or data.

Cloud Protection

Acronis even offers cloud protection to enhance service availability of Microsoft Azure VMs and AWS cloud workloads.

Universal Restore

Reduce downtime by restoring Windows & Linux systems to dissimilar hardware, or cloud environments.

Local Disks, NAS, SAN

Reduce RTOs of individual systems and speed up granular recoveries with the help of any local and network-based disk storage.

Web Management Console

Reduce IT’s workload with a web-based management console that can be accessed using any devices.

Strong Encryption

Boost the security of your data with at-source AES-256 encryption of your backups and metadata.

Key features and benefits of Acronis Cloud Backup

Lease Packet Acronis Backup

Acronis Cloud Backup is a comprehensive and advanced solution designed to protect and safeguard critical data through secure cloud-based backup. With its powerful features, it provides a reliable and efficient data protection and disaster recovery solution for businesses and individuals. 

Backup 100

Single Server


Backup 250

Single Server


Backup 500

Single Server


Backup 1000

Single Server


Backup 1000

Multi Servers


Backup 1500

Multi Servers 


Backup 2000

Multi Servers


Backup 2500

Multi Servers


Choose Backup Solution that fits your Business

Enterprise needs a backup solution that can handle complex data security challenges. We offer centralized and scalable backup option that fits your current and future data requirements.
Proactively protect client data
To secure your clients’ business-critical data, simple backup isn’t enough. Acronis enables you to deliver best-in-breed server backup that’s enhanced with cyber protection. A next-generation, AI-powered anti-malware engine scans backups as they’re created and as they’re retrieved to ensure data integrity. Even zero-day threats can be contained, thanks to behavioral detection that identifies and blocks suspicious processes.
Included in Acronis

Choose Acronis Backup Solution that fits your Business with Lease packet

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Advantages of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Ensure faster business growth with an all round Cyberprotection solution

Take reliable and regular backups of your data automatically and securely store them so that you get them quickly whenever you need them.

With single solution integrating malware prevention, data protection and security controls, eliminate complexity from your operations.

Better your IT efficiencies, improve performance and internal SLAs to focus on important tasks, with simplified training and reduced maintenance.

Avoid costly system downtimes caused by configuration errors, ransomware, faulty hardware and unpatched vulnerabilities.

Quickly restore your data to any device, including workstations, mobile devices, servers or Virtual Machines, with granular restore, full reimage or Instant Restore.

Decrease your overheads with one tool for all tasks – backups, onboarding, managing, monitoring, reporting and assistance.

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