Windows Server

Windows servers are versatile servers which are compatible with a multitude of platform

As each business has a different set of need and requirement, enterprise IT solutions are a must for every business. Organizations running basic information, complex applications and requesting customer necessities require the intensity of windows server. Support Wala streamlines and computerizes Windows server management services for critical procedures, be it Web server, Mail Server or SQL database server, our professional team of experts’ advances execution to gather more prominent efficiency for your business. Our renowned Windows server support service will guarantee that your business and data will always be in safe hands away from any potential threat.

Information and data are the most basic elements and organizations intensely depend on them to enhance correspondence and joint effort, improve business techniques and deals and advance accessibility of assets. Windows servers are adaptable servers which are good with a large number of stages like, Microsoft SQL Database, PHP, MySQL, Microsoft IIS web server and parcels more. These servers are adaptable and versatile as they can deal with different venture level arrangements for different business needs and requirements. Apart from Windows server management, we also offer Linux server management services to organizations.

Window Server Features

We provide Window server services.

Fully Configuration

Configuration and tweaks for server optimization

Server Hardening

Provide Rock-solid Server Hardening

Firewall Installation

Proactive Firewall Installation and Configuration

IIS Backup

IIS timely data backup enhance data security


Allows you to easily restore your windows server

Periodic Backup

Provide periodic backup configuration

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