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How to use Addon Domain in cPanel

Want to find out how to use the addon domain in cPanel? You’re on the right page. All of the server owners and operators can benefit greatly from becoming familiar with and making use of the Addon Domain feature that is available in cPanel. Through the use of cPanel, it is possible to host a number of different domains on a single server.

A great number of users and owners of servers are interested in learning how to manually add multiple domains in cPanel without relying on the assistance of a hosting service provider. Therefore, in order to assist them, we will explain how to use the Addon Domain feature of cPanel by providing the straightforward steps that follow below.

Steps to use Addon Domain in cPanel

Folow these steps to use addon domain in cPanel:

1. Log in to your cPanel.

2. Now, go to the domains section & click on Addon Domains.

Addon Domain in cPanel

3. Enter the domain in the New Domain Name section.

4. Once the domain name is entered, click The Subdomain field & the Document Root will automatically fill in.

5. Click Add Domain.

Addon cPanel


Within cPanel, adding on additional domains and managing them is a breeze. There are situations in which it is beneficial to manage domains using a single cPanel account, despite the fact that some people have a preference for using separate accounts for each domain. Make use of this tutorial to learn how to create an addon domain in cPanel so that you can configure them in the most effective manner.


Is a subdomain the same as an addon domain?

To expand on your main domain, you can create a subdomain. A Subdomain, such as, can be created if your main domain is This domain name is not a standalone website and does not require registration. An Addon Domain is a subdomain of a larger domain that has its own identity and URL.

What’s the difference between alias and addon domain in cPanel?

The term “Parked Domains” was used instead of “Alias in earlier releases of cPanel. They serve identical purposes from a practical standpoint. The product is the same, only the brand has changed. While a primary domain’s aliases always forward to the same site, addon domains almost always redirect visitors to a different page.

How many domains can you have on cPanel?

The stress of performing actions on an account multiplies with the amount of data present, but cPanel does not impose any hard limit on the number of domains that can be added to an account.