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Websites using SkipDNS

How to Preview Websites Using SkipDNS?

It’s not uncommon to desire to start developing a site and want to have a preview before it goes live. A Development URL can be generated for the installation. To access a domain on a different server, you can make use of a service like SkipDNS.
First, you need to locate the IP address associated with your Reclaim Hosting account. If you look in the cPanel idebar, you’ll see the link.

Once you have the IP address, you can go ahead with the process.

How SkipDNS Works

Each request that is sent to the temporary URL is given a dynamic translation before being sent to the server located at the IP address that you specified when you created it (or, if you did not specify an IP address, to the IP address that is being resolved by the domain if you did not specify an IP address).

After the data that was received from the server has been parsed, any references to the actual domain name will have the temporary URL substituted for them, and then the data will be transmitted directly to the browser. There is no data written to the disc. Even cookies are not stored on our end of the website.

Steps to Preview Websites using SkipDNS?

1. Open skipdns URL:

2. Paste your domain name Or Url & Server address.

3. Then click on Fingers crossed.

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4. After that click on the check it button.

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Website developers will find SkipDNS to be an extremely useful tool. Try using SkipDNS as an alternative; with only a few inputs, you can quickly and easily generate a preview of any website. You can find more such informative blogs on Lease Packet. Visit Lease Packet now to get the latest updates in the server industry.