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Google Public Cloud Service is the company’s collection of Cloud Computing offerings. Access the Google Public Cloud Platform at rates of 50Mbps to 100Gbps with our private cloud connectivity solution. Access Google Cloud Platform in any markets where it is offered from ANY of our on-net locations.

Lease Packet Data Center Google Public Cloud

Google Public Cloud Service From Lease Packet

As a trusted partner of Google Public Cloud, we bring you the cutting-edge capabilities of their powerful infrastructure to fuel your digital ambitions. We help you get the most out of Google Public Cloud with our class leading managed server solutions.

We offer the lowest Google cloud storage pricing. With our ultra fast servers, you also get 24×7 server support to resolve all your Google Public Cloud queries. Our Google Public Cloud service includes:


Storage and Database


Big Data

Developer Tools

Identity and Security


Better Pricing Plans Availability

The Google Cloud Hosting Plans are more cost-effective than competing platforms. When compared to rivals, its pricing structures are superior. Pricing for Google's cloud hosting service is broken down by the second.

Enhanced Execution

When it comes to Google's Google Cloud Hosting service, the company has improved its performance for large businesses. Through remote means, information can be accessed by anyone, anywhere. Given its extensive backend, it facilitates the simple execution of a wide range of sophisticated activities over its network.

Benefits of Live Migration

Live Migration is a significant advantage of Google Cloud Hosting. Since neither Amazon Web Services nor Microsoft Azure offer this perk, it is also the most significant advantage they lack. Simply put, it's a process of moving Virtual Machines to a new host.

Private Network

The private network allows users to save time and operate more efficiently. When Google offers its customers access to a private network, that means it is using its own infrastructure and not sharing it with anybody else.

Commitment to Constant Development

Of course, Google Cloud Platform incorporates Google Cloud Hosting as well. Publicly accessible infrastructure is also present. Google is likewise rapidly expanding its infrastructure to meet user needs.

Control and Security

Google's proprietary security framework is used to protect its various services, including Gmail, YouTube, and more. Google has hired a sizable army of security experts to keep its servers safe from hackers. To ensure the security of all data, Cloud Platform Services encrypt all information at rest.


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Lease Packet Data Center Intel Xeon Processor Servers


Lease Packet Data Center RAM


Lease Packet Data Center HDD

2x 2 TB Ent. HDD

Lease Packet Data Center Intel Xeon Processor Servers


Lease Packet Data Center RAM


Lease Packet Data Center HDD

2x 3 TB Ent. HDD

Lease Packet Data Center Intel Xeon Processor Servers


Lease Packet Data Center RAM


Lease Packet Data Center HDD

2x 2 TB Ent. HDD

Lease Packet Data Center Intel Xeon Processor Servers


Lease Packet Data Center RAM


Lease Packet Data Center HDD

2x 2 TB Ent. HDD

Lease Packet Data Center Intel Xeon Processor Servers


Lease Packet Data Center RAM


Lease Packet Data Center HDD

2x 2 TB Ent. HDD

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    Lease Packet Google Cloud Capabilities

    • Smart analytics

    • Infrastructure modernization

    • DevOps solutions

    • Security and compliance management on Google

    • Application modernization

    • Artificial Intelligence

    • Customized Google Architecture with multi-cloud strategy

    • Google Infrastructure set-up and modernization

    • Data cloud

    • Industry solutions

    • Storage and Databases Management

    • Productivity & work transformation

    • Mainframe migration

    • Datacenter modernization using Google databases and storage

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    About Lease Packet Data Center

    With Lease Packet's Google Public Cloud Servers, you can experience the benefits of Google's extensive network and robust infrastructure. Harness the power of their advanced technologies and vast computing resources to optimize your applications, deliver exceptional user experiences, and drive business growth. We are committed to empowering our clients with the best technologies and resources available. By leveraging the Google Public Cloud Servers, we provide you with a solid foundation for success. Experience the reliability, scalability, and innovation that comes with our server solutions.


    Low-risk zones for natural Disasters


    Server data centers optimally spaced throughout the world


    Consistently adding new top tier data center locations to better serve clients

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