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With growing demand for IP addresses, businesses want reliable and scalable solutions to maintain their network infrastructure. Lease Packet offers bulk IP address leasing for both IPv4 and IPv6, ensuring your organization stays connected and competitive. Buy Bulk IP addresses now!

IPv4 addresses in our pool, covering 3 global registries. 500,000 IPv4

IPv6 subnets between ARIN and RIPE registries.  / 27 + IPv6

Bulk IP Address Leasing with Lease Packet Data Center



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We offer a vast inventory of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, ensuring you have access to the resources you need, when you need them. Our leasing options are priced competitively to provide maximum value for your investment. Each IP address is allocated securely to ensure your network remains robust and secure. Our infrastructure guarantees high availability, minimizing downtime and keeping your operations running smoothly. Our dedicated support team is available around the clock to assist you with any issues or queries.

Bulk Lease IP Address with Lease Packet

Bulk IP address leasing IPv4 plans

IPv4 /24

256 IP Addresses

$230 /mo*

IPv4 /23

512 IP Addresses

$450 /mo*

IPv4 /22

1024 IP Addresses

$900 /mo*

IPv4 /21

2048 IP Addresses

$1800 /mo*

IPv4 /20

4096 IP Addresses

$3600 /mo*

IPv4 /19

8192 IP Addresses

$6000 /mo*

IPv4 /18

16384 IP Addresses

$10000 /mo*

IPv4 /17

32768 IP Addresses

$20000 /mo*

IPv4 /16

65536 IP Addresses

$60000 /mo*

Bulk IP address leasing IPv6 plans

IPv6 /48

1 x /48 IP Addresses

$25 /mo*

IPv6 /45

8 x /48 IP Addresses

$50 /mo*

IPv6 /32

64k x /48 IP Addresses

$150 /mo*

Bulk IP address leasing inclusive services


Gain full control and routing authorization with our streamlined LOA and IRR route authorization process.


Your IP leases auto-renew on the 1st of every month, ensuring uninterrupted service.


Update the city and country of your IP addresses to any location worldwide with the help of our geo-database partners.

Global Routing

Route your leased IPs anywhere in the world without regional restrictions.


Order IPs directly from us, bypassing brokers to ensure your IP addresses are 100% dedicated to you.


Update the company name and address on Whois records to reflect your organization’s information, ensuring accurate and professional representation.

Bulk IPv4 Leasing

Access our extensive range of IPv4 addresses tailored to meet your specific needs.

Bulk IPv6 Leasing

Secure your network’s future with our bulk IPv6 leasing options.

Custom Leasing Plans

Our custom leasing plans are designed to meet your unique requirements.

Why Have Bulk IP

Hosting multiple websites with SSL certificates on a single dedicated IP is challenging. By using several IP addresses, you can isolate your websites from each other, enhancing security and preventing cross-contamination.

Host Multiple SSL Sites

To have multiple sites and with SSL certificate is not achievable with a single dedicated IP. Having several IPs will not only ease things for you but also black-box your websites from one another, thus making it more secure

Preserving Addresses

When combining services from different hosts, bulk IPs help preserve your addresses, ensuring efficient management and utilization of your IP resources.

Retain Performance

If one IP encounters issues, you can map additional IPs to that site, maintaining performance and minimizing downtime.

Prevent Traffic Exchange

Multiple IP addresses prevent traffic from leaking between sites. This ensures visitors reach the correct website, avoiding misdirection and potential confusion.

Run Multiple Services

Just like you can't run two businesses from a single store, multiple IPs allow you to operate various services independently, optimizing efficiency and management.

To Not Establish Link Between Sites

Running multiple sites from the same IP can lead to shared consequences. Using different IPs for each site ensures that one site is not penalized due to the actions of another.

Key Features of Our Bulk IP Leasing Service

Extensive IP Pool

We offer a vast pool of IP addresses to meet your diverse needs, ensuring you have ample resources for all your projects and operations.

High Availability

Our bulk IP leasing service guarantees high availability, so you can count on consistent access to your IP addresses without interruptions.

Transparent Pricing

Enjoy clear and straightforward pricing with no hidden fees. Our transparent pricing model ensures you know exactly what you're paying for.

Flexible Leasing Options

Choose from a variety of leasing options to suit your specific requirements. Our flexible plans allow you to lease IPs on terms that fit your business needs.

Advanced Management Tools

Manage your leased IPs with ease using our advanced management tools. Our user-friendly interface makes it simple to track and administer your IP addresses.

24/7 Support

Benefit from round-the-clock customer support. Our team of experts is available 24/7 to assist you with any issues or questions you may have.


Tailor your IP leasing experience to your exact needs. We offer customization options to ensure your leased IPs meet your specific criteria.

Compliance and Regulation

Rest assured that our services adhere to all relevant compliance and regulatory standards, providing you with secure and legitimate IP leasing solutions.

How It Works

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Industries We Work With

At Lease Packet, we have established strong relationships with our valued clients across various sectors. We have successfully supported companies in Business Intelligence, CDN, Cybersecurity, Hosting, IoT, ISP, MSP, Telecommunications, VoIP, VPN, and many other industries. Join us to explore partnership opportunities and see how Lease Packet can benefit your business.

Lease IP for Data centers

Data centers rely on robust and scalable IP solutions to support their vast networks and infrastructure. Lease Packet provides tailored IP leasing services designed to meet the high demands of data center operations, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

lease IP for Telcos/ISPs

Telecommunication companies and Internet Service Providers require extensive IP resources to manage their services effectively. Our leasing services offer flexible and scalable IP solutions to help Telcos and ISPs expand their reach and enhance their service offerings.

Lease IP for Hosting and Infrastructure

Hosting providers and infrastructure companies need a reliable pool of IP addresses to ensure seamless service delivery. Lease Packet offers comprehensive IP leasing options to support the dynamic needs of hosting and infrastructure services, providing stability and scalability.

Lease IP for Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence operations require vast amounts of data and secure IP management. Lease Packet's IP leasing services offer the necessary resources to support data analysis, reporting, and business decision-making processes, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Lease IP for R&D (Research and development companies)

Research and development companies require extensive and secure IP resources to conduct their activities. Lease Packet provides dedicated IP leasing solutions that support the innovative and experimental needs of R&D companies, ensuring they have the resources needed to succeed.

Lease IP for VPN and Proxies

VPN and proxy service providers require a diverse range of IP addresses to maintain their operations and provide anonymity to their users. Lease Packet offers a wide range of IP leasing options tailored to meet the unique needs of VPN and proxy services.

Lease IP for Digital Advertising and Marketing

Digital advertising and marketing companies rely on IP resources to manage campaigns, track analytics, and ensure effective delivery of content. Lease Packet provides scalable and flexible IP leasing solutions to support the fast-paced environment of digital marketing.

Lease IP for Online reputation management

Online reputation management firms need a reliable set of IP addresses to monitor and manage their clients' online presence. Lease Packet offers dedicated IP leasing services that provide the necessary resources to effectively manage and protect online reputations.

Lease IP for Cybersecurity and Penetration Testing

Cybersecurity firms and penetration testing companies require secure and diverse IP addresses to conduct their activities. Lease Packet offers robust IP leasing solutions that support cybersecurity efforts, ensuring comprehensive protection and testing capabilities.

Lease IP for Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

CDNs require extensive IP resources to deliver content quickly and efficiently across the globe. Lease Packet provides tailored IP leasing services to support the high demands of CDNs, ensuring optimal performance and global reach.

Lease IP for Privated blog Network (PBN)

Private Blog Networks (PBNs) need diverse and reliable IP addresses to maintain their network integrity and SEO effectiveness. Lease Packet offers a range of IP leasing options to support the unique needs of PBNs, ensuring they can operate smoothly and effectively.

Why Choose Us for bulk IP address leasing?

Choosing Lease Packet for bulk IP address leasing offers several distinct advantages that make us a preferred partner in the industry. With years of expertise and a reputation for reliability, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to meet diverse business needs. Our extensive inventory of both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses ensures you can find the right resources to support your operations effectively.

Expertise and Experience

Over 8 Years in IP Leasing Services


Robust Security Measures to Protect Your Assets


Flexible Plans to Scale with Your Business


24/7 Customer Support for Seamless Operations

See Why Our Customers Love Us – Their Stories!

Big thanks for the amazing feedback from our fantastic customers!


Exceptional Performance & Value

Lease Packet's managed dedicated server exceeded my expectations. Unbeatable value for money, quick setup, and a responsive support team make them stand out. Impressive server speed, coupled with a local data center, adds a personal touch. Lease Packet earns a big thumbs up for delivering on their promises!

Arjun Patel, India


Game-Changing Servers

Lease Packet delivers a game-changing dedicated server experience. Unparalleled speed and responsiveness make slowdowns a thing of the past. The support team's deep understanding of dedicated servers sets them apart. Kudos for their patient explanations and expertise. Lease Packet is my go-to for worry-free performance!

Carlos Rodriguez, Spain


Unbeatable Value and Speed

Lease Packet's managed dedicated server is true value for money. Quick setup, prompt support, and impressive server speed make them unbeatable. Having a data center near my location adds a personal touch. Thumbs up to Lease Packet for meeting and exceeding expectations. A reliable choice for businesses.

Siddharth Kumar, India


Business Game-Changer

Lease Packet's cloud server is a game-changer for my business. The scalability is fantastic, allowing me to adjust resources effortlessly. The server's reliability ensures minimal downtime, and the user-friendly interface simplifies management. Lease Packet's cloud server has become indispensable for my seamless online operations.

Yukiko Suzuki, Japan


Powering ML Excellence

Lease Packet's GPU server delivers exceptional performance for my machine learning projects. The graphical processing power is impressive, accelerating model training and inference. The server's reliability ensures uninterrupted workflows, and Lease Packet's responsive support team has been crucial for troubleshooting. Highly recommend Lease Packet for robust GPU server solutions.

Anand Gupta, India


Reliable Email Server

Lease Packet's mail server has greatly improved our email infrastructure. The server's reliability ensures that important messages are delivered promptly, and the intuitive interface simplifies management tasks. Lease Packet's support team has been responsive and helpful in addressing our specific requirements. A dependable choice for seamless and efficient email server.

Rahul Desai, India

Why Choose Lease Packet

We are a trusted growth partner for millions of entrepreneurs.

At Lease Packet, we take pride in being a trusted growth partner for millions of entrepreneurs. As a leading managed server provider, we understand the unique challenges businesses face in the digital landscape. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs by providing reliable and scalable managed server solutions. Our plans are designed keeping the customer in mind. We want our customers to get maximum bang for their buck. We make sure to deliver:


Free Server Migration With Our Affordable Server

You Don’t Have to Worry. We’ll Migrate Your App to Lease Packet

Lease Packet provides free server migration with affordable dedicated servers. You deserve superior price-performance, no lock-in, and no-handoff customer support.


We love to Support.

Industry’s Fastest Support Response Time

The Support team is available 24×7 Instant Support and is prepared to provide the technical support you need to make your server a success.

Bulk IP FAQs

What is bulk IP address leasing?

Bulk IP address leasing involves renting a large block of IP addresses from a provider for a specified period. This allows businesses to access multiple IPs simultaneously, catering to various operational needs such as hosting websites, running applications, or managing diverse network requirements.

Why would I need to lease bulk IP addresses?

Leasing bulk IP addresses is beneficial for businesses requiring scalability and flexibility in their online operations. It enables you to accommodate growth, host multiple websites with dedicated IPs, ensure geographical diversification for content delivery, and maintain IP reputation management strategies.

What types of IP addresses do you offer for leasing?

We offer both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for leasing. IPv4 addresses are standard for most current internet uses, while IPv6 addresses accommodate the increasing demand for internet-connected devices and offer a larger address space.

How does the IP address leasing process work?

The IP Address leasing process starts with determining your specific IP address requirements. Once identified, we provide you with a leasing agreement outlining terms, pricing, and conditions. Upon agreement, you gain access to the leased IPs for your designated use.

Can I customize my bulk IP leasing plan?

Yes, we offer customizable leasing plans tailored to your business needs. Whether you require IPs for a short-term project or long-term infrastructure expansion, our flexible plans can accommodate your specific requirements and scale as your business grows.

Are your IP addresses secure and compliant?

Absolutely. We adhere strictly to regulatory standards and industry best practices to ensure the security and compliance of our IP addresses. Our IPs are clean, dedicated solely to your use, and come with assurances of legality and regulatory compliance.

What are the benefits of leasing IPs from Lease Packet?

Leasing IPs from Lease Packet offers numerous benefits, including access to a large inventory of IPs, transparent pricing with no hidden fees, round-the-clock customer support, advanced management tools, and the flexibility to customize leasing plans according to your business needs.

How do I manage leased IP addresses?

We provide advanced management tools that allow you to monitor, configure, and optimize your leased IPs effortlessly. These tools empower you to oversee IP assignments, track usage, and ensure optimal performance across your network infrastructure.

What happens if I need additional IP addresses?

If your business requirements change and you need additional IP addresses, we can easily accommodate your request. Simply contact our support team, and we will work with you to adjust your leasing plan accordingly to ensure you have the necessary resources.

Is technical support available for leased IP addresses?

Yes, we offer 24/7 technical support to assist you with any issues or questions related to your leased IP addresses. Our knowledgeable support team is dedicated to ensuring your experience with our services is seamless and efficient.